Action Fantasy Books


Dectra Chain

A Rage for Revenge

Lord of the Night

A Princess of Mars


Lines of Departure

New Orleans Run

Battle at Zero Point

A Fate of Dragons

Once a Hero

Divided Allegiance

Luthien`s Gamble

Toy Planes

By force of arms


SNAFU: Heroes: An Anthology of Military Horror

Star Wars: Most Wanted

Scourge The Heretic

Symbol of Terra

The Knight

Hell`s Faire

Phoenix Rising

The Helmsman


Atlanta Run

Dark Age

Nemesis Games


Second Front

Bitten to Death

Rising Storm


Spacers: Free Space


Traitor`s Hand

Courage and Honour

The Gods of Mars

John Carter and the Giant of Mars

Day 21

Synthetic Men of Mars

The Inheritance Trilogy 1. Star Strike

Fallen Angels: 9 Days Falling, Volume II

A Cat of Silvery Hue

Days of Bitter Strength

Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus

Dune: Advent

Воины Сарда

Star Wars: Death Troopers

Legion of the Damned


Crater Lake

A Matter for Men

Lord of the Night

A Hymn Before Battle

Swords of Mars

Crysis: Escalation

Space Station 1

Storm Over Saturn

A Cry of Honor

Rules of Engagement


The Dragon King

Sly mongoose

Bleeding Chalice


SNAFU: Wolves at the Door

Carrion Duty

Lord Of The Night

The Return

The Star Kings

Hell`s Faire

The Sun Smasher

Space Station 1

The Heritage Trilogy 3. Europa Strike

Dallas Run

Perilous Shield

Cibola Burn

The Zen Gun

Turning Point


The Future War

The Desert

Enemy in the Dark

When the Devil Dances

Caves of Ice


Honor of the Clan

Skeleton Men of Jupiter

The 100


The Inheritance Trilogy 2. Galactic Corps

Swords of the Horseclans

Red Rising

Dead end

Chains of Command

All You Need Is Kill

Leviathan Wakes

House of Suns