Love Detective Books

Slow Burn

A Summer Smile


A Thin Dark Line

Somebody Killed His Editor

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Tame An Older Man

A Second Chance

Death Angel



Motorcycle Man

Midnight Sins

Death Echo

Close to You

Midnight Sun (Partial Draft)

Heart of Gold

A Game Of Chance

Defending His Own

Love in a Nutshell


Out of Time

Silent Killer

Mackenzie`s Mission

Kill and Tell


Only the Good Spy Young

The White Knight

Breaking Dawn

Big boned


I`d Tell You I Love You But Then I`d Have to Kill You

Running Hot

Snow Angels

Smoke Screen

Prior Bad Acts

Fear For Me

Guarding Jeannie


Deja Vu

Off the Grid

Play Dirty

The Dark Tide

Otherwise Unharmed

The Forgetful Fiancée

The Whispering Room


Nine Coaches Waiting

Lucky’s Lady

Beyond Eden

Under the Microscope

The Search

Picture Perfect aka Panda Bear Is Critical

The Perfect Murder

Guilty Pleasure

Love Irresistibly

Seven Sons

The Cain Casey Series

Beautiful Sacrifice

Going Dark

Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

The Hell You Say

Law Man

When All The Girls Have Gone

Hotter Blood: More Tales of Erotic Horror

Major Nanny

Wedding of the Century


Love Is Murder

When Day Breaks

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

Seeds of Fear

Shelter in Place

The Sea King’s Daughter

The Detective’s Undoing

Extreme Measures

Lady Sophia`s Lover

The Phantom of the Opera

Side Trip

Dark Rider

A Dangerous Thing

Mystery Man

Ride Steady

How to Crash a Killer Bash

Chickasaw County Captive

Sacred Sins

Final Target

Breaking Dawn

Paladin`s Woman

Into The Night

Game Over

Kiss of Death Boxset

Carnal Innocence

Dark Horse

About That Night

Hot Blood: Tales of Erotic Horror

Ready-Made Bride

Lonesome river

Always Time To Die

Fatal Shadows