Humour Books

Chasing the Moon

Get Off the Grid!: Saul Goodman`s Guide to Staying Off the Radar

The Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide: New York City

How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much

The City of Dreaming Books

Willful Child: The Search for Spark

How To Enjoy Writing: A Book of Aid and Comfort

And Then You`re Dead: What Really Happens If You Get Swallowed by a Whale, Are Shot from a Cannon, or Go Barreling over Niagara

Dr. Nyet

War Reporting for Cowards

Step by Step

The Goatibex Constellation

The Alchemaster`s Apprentice: A Culinary Tale from Zamonia by Optimus Yarnspinner

Sh*t My Dad Says


Parkinson`s Law and Other Studies in Administration

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

The Sot-Weed Factor

More Sh*t My Dad Says

The ZOMBIE Survival Guide Complete Protection from the Living Dead

Ronald Rabbit Is a Dirty Old Man

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

The Darwin Awards - 3

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Bobby Fischer Goes to War: How A Lone American Star Defeated the Soviet Chess Machine

Two Much!


The Darwin Awards - 1


My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places

Willful Child

Tough Guide to Fantasyland, The

The Darwin Awards - 2

This Book is Full of Spiders

The Haunted Forest Tour

The Inimitable Jeeves

A Modest Proposal


John Dies at the End

Lord and Lady Bunny—Almost Royalty!

The Folklore of Discworld

Willful Child: Wrath of Betty

Dead Pig Collector

The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People

A Wild Ride Through The Night

Don`t Go to Jail!: Saul Goodman`s Guide to Keeping the Cuffs Off

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire!