Detective Books

Word Uncrossed

The Poison Oracle

Cat On The Money

Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist

Cat Seeing Double

Cat Fear No Evil

The Beautiful Mystery

Sand Sharks

Three-Day Town

Below the Belt

The Killing Moon: A Novel

The Best American Mystery Stories 1999

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street

The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders

Crazy Like A Fox

A Whisker In The Dark

Shoot / Don`t Shoot

Self’s Murder

A Spoonful of Poison

Anonymous Venetian aka Dressed for Death

Red Leech

Night Rounds

Hidden Depths

The Drowning


Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingoes

Agatha Raisin & the Vicious Vet

The Blackhouse


The Day Is Dark

The Weed That Strings the Hangman`s Bag

The Medical Examiner

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

In the Clearing

The Cat Sitter And The Canary

Daisy in Chains

City of the Lost: Part Three

Before He Needs

Once Hunted

The Cat Who Had 14 Tales

Cat In An Ultramarine Scheme

Cat In A Midnight Choir


Rough Draft

Tales of War

Chu-bu and Sheemish

The Broken Teaglass

The Hog Murders

A Summer Revenge

As White as Snow

The Undertaker`s Daughter

Out of the Dark

Closed for Winter

The Stolen Angel

The Absence of Mercy

Buffalo West Wing

Salvation of a Saint

Silent Mercy

Spill the Jackpot

The Cinderella Murder

Yours Until Death

The Hell You Say

There Goes The Bride

Bangkok Haunts

Thai Amulet

Consent to Kill

The Twelve Crimes of Christmas

St. Petersburg Noir

Problem of the Souvenir Cards

A Little Yellow Dog

The Flanders Panel

Die Like an Eagle

The Polar Bear Killing

The Moon in the Gutter

The Cat Who Said Cheese

The Blue Hammer


Rainbow`s End

The Toff and The Sleepy Cowboy

The Charming Quirks of Others

Eye of the Beholder

Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand

The Chatham School Affair

Last Call

Six Geese A-Slaying

Detective Inspector Huss

Odds against

Locked In

Sick Of Shadows

Last Rituals

This Fallen Prey

The Broken Girls

Angelica`s Smile

Citizen Vince

She Rides Shotgun aka A Lesson in Violence

Sneaky Pie`s Cookbook For Mystery Lovers

Sleep Tight

Montmartre Mysteries

The Cat Who Tailed A Thief

A Dark and Twisted Tide