Espionage Books

The Bourne Objective

Diamonds Are Forever

Arctic Firepath

Goodbye to an Old Friend

Licence Renewed

Run, Spy, Run

The Asian Mantrap

Where Eagles Dare

Agents of Innocence

The Hunter

The Fist of God

Illegal Action

Earthfire North

The Mandarin Cypher


Ice Cold: Tales of Intrigue from the Cold War

Nobody Lives for Ever

Double Identity

The White Ghost

The Menacers

An American Spy

The Heights of Zervos

The Midnight House

The `44 Vintage

I, Said the Spy

Honourable Intentions

I Spy Something Bloody

Quiller Meridian

The Satanist

Better Off Dead

Never send flowers

The Aztec Avenger

The Darkest Day

The Promised War

The Silenced

Charlie M

The Labyrinth Makers

The Thirty-Nine Steps

Death and Honor

All Honourable Men

The Silencers

Dr. No

The Counterfeit Agent

Incident at Twenty-Mile

The Echelon Vendetta


The Liquidator

The Apocalypse Codex

By Stealth

Victory and Honor

October Men

Breaking Cover

The Istanbul Decision

The Warsaw Document

Octopussy and the Living Daylights

The Blind Spy

The 9th Directive

The Terrible Ones

The Good Spy

The Waiting Time


Blood of Honour


The Ghost War

Law of the Lion

Moscow Coach

The Tourist

Quiller Barracuda

A Broken Land

Top Secret

The Game

Atom Bomb Angel

The Infant of Prague

The Key to Rebecca


The Odin Mission

A Mortal Terror

Moscow Sting

The Honor of Spies


Murderers Row

On Her Majesty`s Secret Service

Here Comes Charlie M


Six Days of the Condor


Silesian Station

Серая зона

The Secret Soldier

Double Jeopardy

Red to Black

Shadow 001 - The Living Shadow

Beirut Incident

The Striker Portfolio

From Russia with Love

Moscow Sting

Quiller`s Run

Temple of Fear

Twelve Days

Lehrter Station