Adventure Books

The Eden Prophecy

The Foster Lover

The 6th Extinction

The Enemy

Siberian Treasure


Vulcan`s Forge

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman

Jungle Tales of Tarzan

Brotherhood of the Tomb


The Last Airship

The Land of Terror

Treasure island

Hunt Through Napoleon`s Web

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Day`s Work - Volume 1

The Pharos Objective

The Tomb Of Hercules

The Cloud Maker


Indiana Jones & the Peril at Delphi

The Last Man

The Curse of Medusa

The Heisenberg Legacy

Bahama Crisis

The Tower Treasure

Levkas Man

Sacred Bones : A Novel

The Bone Labyrinth

Fortune Favors


The Last Gospel


The Carnivorous Carnival

Burning Angels

Ghost Ship

The Monster Men

Templar`s Quest

City of Screams

Never send flowers

The Forbidden Script

The Emerald Scepter

Deep Fire Rising

Tarzan and the Ant-men

Indiana Jones & the Sky Pirates

The City of Dreaming Books

Ghost Flight

The Mahogany Ship

The Man of Bronze

The End

Hunt Among the Killers of Men

The Blood Gospel

Icequake: A Prophetic Survival Thriller

The Red Skull

Nile Shadows

Ice Station

When Eight Bells Toll


Dagger Strike: A Cairo Sloane Short Story


Omega Deep

Outlander aka Cross Stitch

The Abduction

Blue Ice

Here Comes Mr. Trouble

Mystery of the Haunted Mine

The Devil You Know

Empire of Gold

The Last Oracle

The Ice Limit

The First Apostle


Ghost Ship

The Miserable Mill

Templar`s Code

The Trojan Horse

Nobody Lives for Ever

Dead Men Don`t Bite

Rocket Science

The Tarzan Twins

Area 7

The Templar Salvation

House of Acerbi


Atlantis Stolen

The Pirate of the Pacific

The Story of General Dann and Mara`s Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog

The Curate and the Actress

North Star

Wild : From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Solomon Curse

The Sacred Vault

Tarzan`s Quest

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


The Romanov Ransom

The Armageddon Protocol

Habitat Zero

The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories