Adventure Books


The Skeleton Key

Blood Brothers

Ralestone Luck

Flood Rising


The Cult of Osiris

The Doomsday Key

The Golden Scorpion

The son of Tarzan

Burning Angels

The Curse of Medusa

The King`s Tomb

The Cydonia Objective

The Secret War

Licence Renewed

Man From Barbarossa

The Smithsonian Objective

Blood Infernal

Charon`s Landing

Tarzan and the City of Gold

Tarzan and the Lost Empire

The Tiger Warrior

The Lost City

The Orpheus Legacy

The Main

The Bad Beginning

The Devil Rides Out

High Stand


The Cleric`s Vault

The Judas Strain

The Babylon rite

Lost on Venus

The Satan Bug

Primitive: A Bones Bonebrake Adventure

Typhoon Fury

The Holy Grail

The Enemy


The Land God gave to Cain



The Revelation Code

Tarzan and the Castaways

The Skeleton in the Closet

Tarzan and the Leopard Men

Tarzan and the Forbidden City

The Demon Crown

The Tomb of Eternity

The Blue Ice

The Drums of Autumn

The White Witch of the South Seas


Alice Wilde, the Raftsman’s Daughter. A forest romance

The Shiva Objective

The Lightning Stones

The List Of Seven

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

The Hostile Hospital

The Templar Heresy

Far Cry: Absolution

Гарри Поттер и принц-полукровка

Dragonfly In Amber


Golden Soak


The Constantine Legacy

The Hunt For Atlantis

Black Rain

The Drums of Fu Manchu

The Descent

The Relic Hunters


Code to Extinction


The Spiritualist

Kingdom of Darkness


In the Shadow of Falcon`s Wings

Into the Black

Tarzan and the Lion-Man

The Scorpion King


The Gods of Atlantis

The Uluru Code

The Secret of Atlantis


The Blood Gospel

The Alignment: Ingress

Win, Lose Or Die

Escape on Venus

The Great Zoo of China

The Diamond Hunters

Seven Ancient Wonders

The Vivero Letter

The Return of Tarzan

Atlantis Gold

The Prometheus Objective