History Adventure Books


The Silver Eagle

The Ramage Touch

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard

Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part Three: Constantinople

The Blood Crows

Ride Proud, Rebel!

Fall of Kings

The Suitors of Yvonne

The Dark Secret of Josephine

Brazil on the Move

Rome: Sword of the Legion



Darkest Hour

Young bloods

Drums of War


Montezuma`s Daughter

Post Captain

Ramage’s Prize

The Vicomte of Bragelonne. Volume I


The Ides of March


Sea Robber

The Book of Dreams

The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Washington and Caesar

Leopard Hunts in Darkness

Death of Kings

The Burning Shore

Captain Alatriste


Funeral Games

Conflict of Empires

Fortune`s Fool


Treason`s Harbour

Sharpe`s Trafalgar

Midshipman Quinn


The Fields of Death

The Red Mask

Prince of Legend


The Spear of Destiny

The Death Of Kings

The flying squadron

A Falcon Flies

Hungry as the Sea

Rumours Of War

The Burning Land

Devil`s Brood

Sharpe`s Triumph


Ramage`s Signal

Sharpe`s Devil

Streets Of Laredo

Through The Fray: A Tale Of The Luddite Riots

The Journeyer

Woodstock; or, the Cavalier

Never Call Retreat

Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Six: Chios


Rome: Tempest of the Legion

The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet


Blood of Honour

The Legion

Poseidon`s Spear

Royal Flash

Дочь Монтесумы

Master and Commander

Ramage and the Guillotine

Sharpe`s Honour

Gentlemen of the Road

St. Ronan`s Well

At Agincourt

The Monastery

Spartacus: Morituri

Shield of Thunder

The Ill-Made Knight

The King`s Evil

The Lion at Bay

Power of the Sword

The Pale Horseman


Napoleon’s Pyramids

The Mosaic of Shadows

King of Kings

The Eagle and the Wolves

The Yellow Admiral

Quentin Durward

The King`s Coat

The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard

Little Big Man

The Oath

The Great King

The Templar