Animal Books

Wild Animals I Have Known

Timmy in Trouble

The Long Patrol

The Ultimate Guide

Tails of the Apocalypse

Lobo, Rag and Vixen / Being The Personal Histories Of Lobo, Redruff, Raggylug & Vixen

The Frightened Kitten

The Whispering Land

Firestar’s Quest

Into The Wild

Fillets of Plaice

The Rescued Kitten


Dovewing’s Silence

Battles Of The Clans

Fire And Ice

How to Walk a Puma: And Other Things I Learned While Stumbling Through South America

Sam the Stolen Puppy

The Pearls Of Lutra

The Apprentice`s Quest

Alone In The Night

Island Zoo

The Curious Kitten

Deep Country: Five Years in the Welsh Hills

Hollyleaf’s Story


The Whispering Land

The Unwanted Puppy


Path Of Stars

Cloudstar’s Journey

The Darkest Hour

Woodland Tales

Oscar`s Lonely Christmas

The Outcast of Redwall

The Sun Trail

The Secret Kitten

Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons

The Brave Kitten

The Bafut Beagles

Cats Of The Clans


Three Singles To Adventure

The Homeless Kitten

High Rhulain

Tallstar’s Revenge

Sammy the Shy Kitten

Dark River

The Plague Dogs

The Rescued Puppy

The Bellmaker

Legends Of The Clans

The Forgotten Warrior

Into The Wild

Smudge Тhe Stolen Kitten

Ginger The Stray Kitten

Code Of The Clans


Out of Africa

Monty the Sad Puppy

Rakkety Tam

Mistystar’s Omen

Shattered Sky

The Sight

Johnny Bear

Ellie the Homesick Puppy

Martin the Warrior

Tigerheart’s Shadow

Night Whispers

The Abominables

Sky The Unwanted Kitten

Leafpool’s Wish

Crookedstar’s Promise

The Call of the Wild

Rosy Is My Relative

A Home for Molly


Moth Flight’s Vision

Skyclan’s Destiny


A Dog`s Tale

Alfie All Alone


The Homeless Kitten

Lucy the Poorly Puppy

Rosy Is My Relative

The Abominables

Sammy The Shy Kitten

Mapleshade’s Vengeance

The Blazing Star


My Family and Other Animals

The Forgotten Puppy


Hawkwing’s Journey

The Curious Kitten

Burning Daylight

A Zoo in My Luggage

The Rescued Kitten

Mariel of Redwall