How to Build a Brand in 2018

How to Build a Brand in 2018


Web based marking has advanced throughout the years. Download this free eBook to see how marking has changed in 2018 and how to provide food your marking methodology for best outcomes. Follow the bit by bit forms for making a durable brand methodology, kicking off that system and observing it for best outcomes.

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40 pages, published in 2017


If you’re in the marketing business, you might have noticed that a lot of things about the subject of branding have changed over the last decade. How you brand your business is no longer just a matter of implementing clever, creative, and timely ad placements.

The first step of the inbound marketing methodology is attracting new customers.

Let’s take the first step of the inbound marketing methodology, for exam- ple: getting found by potential customers.

These days, a business is one of about eight gazillion results on a search engine. And if it’s not one of the ones on the first page, they’re essentially doomed. A building’s super sweet sign is just one of the thousands of vi- sual cues bombarding overstimulated passersby every day. And the pro- motional giveaway that once tickled entrants’ fancies? Now it looks like nothing more than a spammy banner ad.

Making a brand stand out and appear trustworthy to the right audience is, needless to say, no piece of cake. Successfully managing your brand in the inbound age is about more than just connecting all the phases of the marketing funnel and creating content that attracts and converts leads. It’s about doing all of that – but with pizzazz!

It’s a tricky thing to get right, because branding encapsulates anything you do that contributes to your customers’ opinions and feelings about your company.

Ultimately, the key is making “branding” into a quantifiable metric for which you can show concrete results.

This ebook will show you how to do that in an inbound context and create effective, recognizable brands in the digital age.

Chapter 1

What is a Brand?

In the inbound marketing age, branding refers to branding on the internet – and the internet moves pretty fast. Brands can be built up in an instant, and they can be destroyed just as quickly.

“Overnight success,” although tempting, is not a good goal for a brand to have. A successful brand should be built up over time. A slow, gradu- al buildup provides the opportunity to reach far more people than some flash-in-the-pan fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow. (Although, keep in mind that if you’re not careful, even a slowly built-up brand can still fall in an instant.)

The internet is the great equalizer, giving small companies the potential to have a big voice.

But to get to the point where your voice is big, you not only need to be good at getting found – you need to have a differentiator.