Engagement rate, or why to buy Instagram likes

The number of active Instagram users exceeds 500 million. This is a colossal audience, but it is not so easy to win its attention due to high competition. Previously, SMM managers were chasing the number of subscribers, today everyone is interested in the quality of the audience and engagement on Instagram. This is one of the key metrics that directly affects the ranking of posts in the smart feed. Ignoring this parameter, it is simply impossible to achieve success on Instagram.

What is Instagram engagement

Engagement Rate (ER) is the average number of reactions to content made by one average subscriber. This metric reflects how actively the audience interacts with the content of the account. Basically, it is an indicator of how many users watch, like, comment on, and save your content. One of the popular ways to imporove i is to buy Instagram likes.

In other words, engagement is the percentage of the number of followers to the number of displays of activity. This means that a huge number of followers is not at all an indicator of high engagement in an account. In contrast, on smaller accounts, ER tends to be better at the expense of audience quality. With a huge number of subscribers, it is much more difficult to achieve a good result. For hose who are wondering when to Buy Instagram Likes, How and Why, we recommend to dive deep into account stats.