Digital marketing companies in Canada

To help you find a partner, we have compiled a list of the best digital marketing companies in Canada. There are hundreds of high-quality digital talents who can provide the services you need to excel in the digital business world. Browse descriptions, reviews and awards to find the ones that best suit your business needs.

digital marketing companies in Canada

Earlier, we compiled a list of the best web design companies in Canada. On this scale, we decided to cover the most important digital marketing companies in Canada.
Canada has over 30 million internet users according to Disfold, making it one of the largest internet markets in the world. Canada`s digital audience is predicted to grow to 32 million users by 2022, which is almost 85% of the country’s population.
Are you looking for the best digital marketing companies in Canada to reach new heights in the digital world? Our professional digital marketing experts from ColorWhistle have made your work easier by compiling a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Canada.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

Toronto has award-winning marketing agencies that specialize in implementing intelligent digital marketing techniques.
Are you looking for the best digital marketing company in Toronto? Here we’ve rounded up the best digital marketing agencies to help you improve your online reputation.
Would you like to work for one of Canada`s top marketing agencies?
Before you start updating your resume and cover letter for new opportunities, the first thing you should do is spend some time researching and learning about the marketing firms in your job search area.

After all, how do you know if your impressive online portfolio of marketing experiences is a good match with the sentiment of your prospect?
Use this resource to find the best marketing agency for your talents and work preferences, and prepare to get your dream job in 2020.

#1 IMP Digital

We believe your needs are unique. This is why our team of talented website designers and developers work together to create a custom website for each of our clients.

We will work closely with you to determine your company’s online needs and create a website that meets or exceeds your standards. We’ll consult your team to make sure the website meets the criteria of your branding guidelines and appeals to your specific audience.

  • Meets the accessibility regulations
  • Strategic design to optimize conversions
  • Include current design trends
  • Compliance with brand guidelines
  • Responsive Build & Design
  • Rigorous testing procedures

#2 Green lotus

Award-winning digital marketing and advertising agency
Green Lotus won the Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was voted the best digital marketing company in Canada by TOPSeos, one of the oldest and largest directories of online advertising companies in the world. Our SEO tools are among the top tools from ClickZ 50 Small Business Marketing Tools.
Essential questions and answers about our small business digital marketing services. Remember that the quality of the services you and your clients will receive will largely depend on the experience of the agency you choose to serve them. Therefore, we recommend asking the right questions to ensure that the white label small business agency of your choice offers the best services.

Here at Green Lotus, we have the right mindset to offer world-class services that will grow your small business and put you ahead of the competition. Are you still confused about the possible questions to ask? Here are some very important questions that will determine the quality of the services you will receive from us or any company you choose to help you expand your small business.

Canadian digital marketing firms

#3 SEOPlus

Canadian leader in digital marketing
We are a full-stack digital agency that provides essential services such as SEO, PPC, web design and development, online PR, social media, video, content marketing and email marketing. Our core customer base includes local companies, e-commerce customers and B2B companies looking to enhance their online presence and complement their traditional marketing initiatives.

Optimizing your online presence goes far beyond designing and maintaining a great website. Digital marketing is a holistic approach to better target and engage your audience across all platforms and channels in an increasingly technology-driven world.
From your home page to every latest blog post, tweet, display ad, and press release, every aspect of your online presence should be grounded in your core business values. What’s more, each element must be tailored to help you achieve both the short-term and long-term goals of the company, including increasing market share, increasing brand awareness, and driving revenue growth.

Our in-house digital marketing team will work with you to develop and execute a fully customized plan to meet your marketing goals and ensure measurable growth and maximum return on investment. Our services are aligned with internet marketing best practices, offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to help your brand stand out in a crowded market.

We have a collaborative and transparent process. All departments work together to ensure consistency and deliver your digital marketing strategy to the highest standards. A digital marketing strategy is not a set and forget question. Our team will continually test, refine and improve your strategy in an ever-changing landscape, staying true to your core values ​​and your business goals.
Grab the attention of your target audience. Breathe new life into your online presence. Get measurable, transparent results that support your ROI. It all starts with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and no one does it better than us.
We are proud of our Canadian company and work with many clients in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, as well as Canada and the USA.

digital marketing agency in Canada


So, Google reviews, website design, support team, user friendliness and many more features of this digital marketing company have inspired us to list these companies as the best digital marketing agencies in Canada. Over the past few decades, Canada has had a boom in the world of digital marketing. Additionally, digital marketing companies in Canada are deciding to partner with digital marketing companies, such as ColorWhistle, to help them with their workload.

If you need help, we will support you in all digital marketing techniques and let you place your footprint in the digital world! We follow a strict NDA policy to ensure that your ideas and those of your customers will remain protected with us. Contact us at any time to discuss your project.