A step-by-step Guide to Modern Digital Marketing

A step-by-step Guide to Modern Digital Marketing


It is also a small booklet. It is a PowerPoint document. 20 topics are covered in the power-point presentations. The use of PPT tools is beautiful. The digital marketing strategies covered are quite good. You can count on the book for a quick revision as well as it is a quick read for beginners if they want to start with Digital Marketing for their projects.

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Suresh is the Founder and CEO of Web Marketing Academy (WMA), Bangalore which offers certification courses in digital marketing. The institute trains students, professionals & corporate personnel. An enthusiastic digital marketer, Suresh has been in the field since 2002. A lot has changed in the last 10-15 years - from online marketing strategy to tools to measuring ROI - and he’s had to keep pace as well as anyone. In this eBook, he shares some of his learning and gives actionable steps and resources that’ll make you a modern digital marketer as well.

Suresh Babu