The Sense of Sight

The Sense of Sight

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With this provocative and infinitely moving collection of essays, an outstanding critic of our time answers the profound questions of the visual world. Because when Booker Prize winning author John Berger writes about Cubism, he is not only writing about Braque, Léger, Picasso and Gris, but also about this incredible moment at the beginning of this century when the world around a wonderful feeling of Promise converged around. When he looks at Modigliani, he sees a man`s infinite love revealed in the elongated lines of the painted figure. From the Renaissance to the Hiroshima Conflagration; from the Bosphorus to Manhattan; from the wood carvers of a French village to Goya, Dürer and Van Gogh; and from private experiences of love and loss to the great political upheavals of our time, The Sense of Meaning encourages us to see with the same breadth, courage and moral commitment as its author.

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