Landscapes: John Berger on Art

Landscapes: John Berger on Art

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A major new work by the world`s most famous art writer Landscapes , John Berger`s critically acclaimed Portraits support band, explore what art tells us about itself. “Bergers Work is an invitation to reinvent yourself; seen in different ways, "writes Tom Overton in the introduction to this volume. A masterful storyteller and thinker, John Berger challenges readers to reconsider their hypotheses about the role creativity plays in our lives. In this brilliant collection of the most diverse pieces - essays, short stories, poems, translations - which embody a permanent commitment to art, John Berger reveals how he came to his way of seeing. He pays homage to the writers and thinkers who formed him, such as Walter Benjamin, Rosa Luxemburg and Bertolt Brecht. His broad perspective spans art movements and individual artists - from the Renaissance to the present - and he never neglects the social and political context of their creation. Berger pushes the limits of artistic writing and marvelously shows how his artistic eye transforms it into a narrator rather than a critic in these essays. With "landscape" as an animating and liberating metaphor rather than a rigid definition, this lecture examines the aesthetic landscapes that have shaped, challenged and nurtured John Berger`s understanding of the world. Landscapes completes Portraits and a journey through the history of art that will be an intellectual reference point for many years to come.

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