Tennessee Smash

Tennessee Smash

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The boy never saw what would happen to him. The blow with two hands on both sides of the neck blocked the boy and closed his eyes without even understanding. Bolan lifted the unconscious man onto his shoulder and headed for the front door. He threw the double latches and entered the small security room that marked the last obstacle.

The guard stood with both feet on the desk, a thief one step away. Both feet crashed to the ground when he tried - a simple heartbeat away from instant fame and fame, but a heartbeat too late. The Beretta once spat out the door and gobbled its silent skull-breaker into a shattering denial of fame and honor. The guard fell back on his chair and stood there, his broken head falling back on the back.

The executioner rolled the chair and everything into the dark interior, then disappeared with his inmate. When he reunited at night, he knew it had been a successful mission. But he didn`t know what was at the end of the numbers. And he still hadn`t achieved that goal. He jogged with his load north and God knows what.

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