Antony and Cleopatra

Antony and Cleopatra

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In this extraordinary sequel to The October Horse, Colleen McCullough turns his attention to the legendary love story of Antony and Cleopatra, and once again proves to be the best historical novelist of our time in this timeless tale of love, politics and power . Caesar is dead and Rome is once again divided. Lepidus has retreated to Africa, while Antonio rules the opulent East, and Octavian claims the West, the heart of Rome, as his domain. Although this tense truce keep the war under control civil, Rome seems ripe for an emperor, a true Julian heir who wishes to claim the legacy of Caesar. With the attitude of a hero and the riches, Antonio seems ready to take the prize. Like a true warrior king, it is a general expert whose lust for power burns along with his passion for women, feasts, and Chian wine. His rival Octavian appears to be a less convincing candidate: slender and golden-haired boy is as controlled as Antonio is forgiving and cold and clairvoyant because Antonio is impulsive. In fact, the two go agree only when it comes to ambition. And while politics and war are definitely the domain of men in ancient Rome, women are keen to use their ingenuity and their fascination for influence outside their traditional sphere. Cleopatra, Queen unscrupulous golden-eyed, Antonio greets his court and in his bed but keeps her heart well protected. As sovereign, first of all, and as a woman, Cleopatra has only one desire: to put his son on the throne vacant by his father Julius Caesar. Ottaviano also has a strong wife at his side: his exquisite wife, blackberry Livia Drusilla, who learns to wield quiet power to help her husband in his quest for supremacy. While the conspiracy rushes toward its inevitable end - with battles on land and at sea - conspiracy and murder, love and politics are intertwined irrevocably.

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