Better Late Than Never

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Better Late Than Never

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Cat In A Jeweled Jumpsuit

Midnight Louie, jet-black feline sleuth with an attitude, si on the prowl again--and this tme to a rock`n`roll soundtrack. Louie`s human partner, Temple Barr, learns that the remodeling of a local hotel is being held up by a ghost--and no ordinary ghost at that. In fact, the workmen sware it`s none otyher than that jumpsuit-wearing King of Ronk`n`Roll, Elvis Presley. The opening of Las Vegas`s fir...

Before the Storm

The first story in THE HUNTERS: ORIGINS focuses on the team leader of the Hunters. After his unexpected discharge from the U.S. Army, Jack Cobb finds it difficult to adjust to civilian life. He flies to Florida to meet with his contacts at MacDill AFB, but he is denied entry because of the scandal that ended his military career.

Thankfully two of Cobb...

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