The Silenced

The Silenced

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The Silenced, the fourth installment in Quinn`s series (after The Cleaner, The Deceived and Shadow of Betrayal), finds Quinn and her crew hired to do multi-operation work. First there is the matter of a long corpse in London that a customer wants to remove from his resting place before the building that serves as a grave is demolished. It sounds simple enough. Then there`s cleaning up after a couple of interlinked operations across multiple locations across the US, a little more labor-intensive, but still relatively simple. That is, until someone else shows up at the construction site cleaning up after their first job in the US, a remote place they should have no idea about, even if she leaves. Quinn follows the uninvited guest, a mysterious woman, back to her car and overhears her speaking Russian to a companion before they leave. When the same woman shows up for a job across the country, this time before the heist is executed, it turns out that another team is on the same list as Quinn and her client. What`s even stranger is that the Russian and her team also seem interested in this corpse in London. Whose toes are Quinn accidentally stepping on, and how far will they go to get Quinn out of the way ? These are questions that Quinn urgently needs answers if she wants to fulfill her professional obligations without endangering herself or her clients. However, the professional suddenly becomes very personal when Quinn realizes that someone has been rummaging through a past that she thought she had taken extraordinary measures to bury. And although Quinn`s past has been hinted at in previous books, the past collides head-on with the present in The Silenced when Quinn`s mother and sister are attacked in an attempt to manipulate and control him.

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