A Gift of Wings

A Gift of Wings

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Once in a generation a book, a vision, an author captures the imagination and emotions of millions of people. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was such a book. Richard Bach`s unique vision shines again and magically touches the drama of life in all its boundless horizons. Once again Richard Bach has written a masterpiece that will help you touch the sky.


“It captures the sheer joy you experience up there in moments close to the rise. "

- San Francisco Chronicle .

A gift with wings

Die The joy of flying .

< p> The magic of flight .

The importance of flight .

The infinite challenge is

infinite flights award .

Richard Bach .

For all those who want to rise above their earthly existences to enjoy the freedom and adventure that Richard Bach knows and loves so greatly and recreates, this is it book Deals—

Wings as a gift

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