Highlander in Love

Highlander in Love

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The Lockhart brothers` search for an old family heirloom has proved fruitless ... and they owe an unpaid loan to their rival Payton Douglas. Without recourse, the Payton Lockharts offer their most precious possession: the hand of their sister Mared. Raised to despise the Douglas name, Mared outwardly accepts the prenup for the benefit of her family; Secretly create a plan to make sure Payton doesn`t want to marry her. But seeing the handsome squire Payton face to face threatens centuries of enmity and arouses Mared`s deepest desires. But she won`t be discouraged. She decides to pay her family`s debts by working as her housekeeper instead of marrying him. Then a profound discovery changes everything ... Now, Mared, no longer bound by a promise to her family, must let her heart decide whether Squire Payton is the enemy of past legends - or if he is the key to a future full of a passion beyond his wildest dreams

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