Childe Morgan

Childe Morgan

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In the second morbid story of the bestseller Kurtz of his new trilogy Deryni - after 2003`s Serving the King and before the King Kelson novels - King Donal Haldane mourns the loss of his son bastard Krispin, a boy he thought would be a companion and protector of Crown Prince Brion and hoping that Alyce and Kenneth de Morgan`s little son Alaric, heir to Alyce`s Deryni magic, can be nursed instead of Krispin. Bishop Oliver de Nore`s brother, Septimus, was killed by the king after Alyce used his powers to reveal that he had orchestrated Krispin`s assassination; Now Oliver is doubly motivated to accelerate the Church`s campaign to eradicate the Deryni, feared by many in the land of Gwynedd. Kurtz also renders the more twisted part of the plot desolate rather than dramatic, which creates great medieval realism, but uninteresting narrative.

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