Children of the Ghetto

Children of the Ghetto

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When first published in 1892, Israel Zangwill`s "Children of the Ghetto" caused a sensation in both England and America, becoming the first Anglo-Jewish bestseller and establishing Zangwill as the literary voice of Anglo -Judaism. The novel "Children of the Ghetto", set in London at the end of the 19th century, analyzes a generation between the ghetto and modern British life. "Children of the Ghetto" remains a milestone in modern Jewish fiction as well as an essential late Victorian text. As the first East End Jewish novel, the book ushered in a major 20th-century genre. At a time when the workers` novel and the novel about mental distress developed , "Children of the Ghetto" encompassed both. The novel conveys the details of life in the ghetto and examines a spiritual crisis among Jewish youth at a time when issues of faith were being challenged even in Christian novels. Zangwill`s lifelike depiction intrigued middle-class Jews and aroused nostalgia in those who started in the East End. Although a novel about British Jews, Children of the Ghetto also enjoyed success in the United States as the first fictional work. published by the Jewish Publication Society of America. This volume reports the 1895 edition of Children of the Ghetto, the latest American version known to have been corrected by the author. Meri-Jane Rochelson contextualizes the novel by providing a biographical, historical and critical introduction; a bibliography of primary and secondary sources and notes on the text to make them available to Jewish and non-Jewish readers. (Title: аннотация и обложка взяты предположительно от издани 1988 года)

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