Lost Echoes

Lost Echoes

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Harry Wilkes has had terrible visions from a mysterious childhood illness. Cruel scenes emerge to repeat themselves before his eyes. Triggered by mere noises, these visions manifest themselves wherever a tragic event has occurred. Now in college, Harry feels obsessed and turns to alcohol to numb his visionary senses. One night he sees a drunk boy who easily defeats three robbers. In this man Harry not only finds a friend who helps him tip schnapps, but also a sensei who teaches him to master his unusual gift. Harry`s childhood crush, Kayla, arrives early and asks for help in solving his father`s murder. Uncertain of how it will affect him, Harry finds the strength to face the dark secrets of the past only to reveal the horrors of the present.

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In this fantastic East Texas crime thriller from Stoker Lansdale winner ( Sunset and Sawdust ), Harry Wilkes discovers, after a severe childhood ear infection, that he is having a strange "afterthought" Ha. In addition to seeing dead people, Harry can see and hear violent events such as they have happened in the recent or distant past. "It`s like hearing and seeing ghosts in noises," he tells his father. When he was in college, his psychic abilities led him to drink. After meeting alcoholic Tad Peters, a retired martial arts expert, Harry becomes Tad`s son and surrogate student. The two make a pact to get sober together. His determination is tested when Harry agrees to help Kayla Jones, an old child crush who is now a cop, solve the murder of her father, which her boss, the local police chief, has dismissed as suicide. . Lansdale`s concrete prose explodes with explosive twists and razor-sharp insights into how "Echoes of the Original Sounds" can never be silenced until action is taken to defeat the fear that caused them.

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The prolific Lansdale returns after stays in Pulp, SF and Horror to work on his strange mojo on the crime thriller supernatural. Harry Wilkes inherited his family`s curse of experiencing "dark noises," fully sensory recordings of traumatic events that can be triggered, for example, by touching the toilet lid when a man`s brain has been blown out. Schnapps helps keep "ghosts in noise" at bay, but his life as a drunken recluse is not going well. He gets things under control with the help of an eccentric sensei named Tad, but when a childhood friend named Kayla returns home to find her father`s killer, Harold grits his teeth and travels back to the darkness. Lansdale`s prose finds the perfect pitch between the relaxed cadences of the storytelling on the porch and the thriller`s demand for a growing urgency. He`s a bit inconsistent when it comes to gender relationships - or at least the vocabulary to describe them - but he has both the charisma and the courage to pull it off. Fun and creepy, with a barn burner finish.

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