Hunt Through Napoleon`s Web

Hunt Through Napoleon`s Web

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Of all the priceless treasures that Gabriel Hunt sought means to him more than he has in the rugged Corsican landscape and the exotic streets of Marrakech results: The life of his sister. To save them, Hunt must challenge the minds of two centuries-old dead tyrants - calculation, the genius of Napoleon Bonaparte ...

From Publishers Weekly

In his pulpy sixth adventure (after Hunt Among the Killers of men) The playboy millionaire / archaeologist Gabriel Hunt takes with the Alliance of Pharaohs, a shady group that all the ancient artifacts of Egypt return Egypt wants. Gabriel`s sister Lucy has been kidnapped; The authors want a ransom that Gabriel finds a long-lost second Rosetta stone that was stolen by Napoleon. Gabriel ran with Sammi, a beautiful street wizard, through the streets of Cairo, Marrakech and Corsica. Dodge the duo must guards ran and controlled Napoleon`s traps and at the same time keep the artifact from the hands of the Alliance. Despite his experience with engaging writing of James Bond novels Raymond Benson under the joint alias Hunt is slow and full of detail and lists that the pulse never stops completely.

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