Enemy of God

Enemy of God

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Enemy of God is the second novel in the Warlord series and immediately follows the events described in The Winter King. In this book, the King of Dumnonia and Great King of Great Britain, Uther, dies and his paralyzed grandson Mordred is relieved. Arthur, a bastard son of Uther, is named one of the Guardians of Mordred and over time becomes the most important of those Guardians. Arthur is determined to keep the oath he swore to Uther that Mordred will occupy the throne of Dumnonia when he comes of age.

Arthur is also determined to bring peace to the warlike kingdoms of Britain. The main conflict is between Dumnonia and Powys, but when Arthur is invited to marry Ceinwyn, a princess of Powys, it seems that war can be avoided. Instead, Arthur escapes with the destitute princess Guinevere, and this insult to Ceinwyn leads to years of war that only end when Arthur defeats King Gorfyddyd of Powys at the Battle of Lugg Vale. Powy`s throne then passes to Ceinwyn`s brother Cuneglas, who, like Arthur, wants peace between the British so that they can point their spears at their common enemy, the Saxons (the Sai).

Der Winter King, like this book, was told by Derfel (pronounced Dervel), a Saxon slave who grew up in Merlin`s house and became one of Arthur`s warriors. Arthur sent Derfel to Armorica (present-day Brittany) where he fought in the campaign to save the British Kingdom of Benoic from the Frankish invaders. Among Benoic`s refugees returning to Britain is Lancelot, king of Benoic, whom Arthur now wants to marry Ceinwyn and put on the throne of Siluria. Derfel fell in love with Ceinwyn.

Derfel`s other love is Nimue, his childhood friend, who has become Merlin`s assistant and lover. Merlin is a druid and the leader of the faction in Great Britain who tries to restore the island to its ancient gods, and to do so he pursues a cauldron, one of the thirteen treasures of Great Britain, a quest that for Merlin and Nimue far exceeds any struggle against other kingdoms or invaders. Against Merlin are the Christians of Great Britain, whose leader includes Bishop Sansum, who lost much of his power when he challenged Geneva. Sansum has now fallen from grace and serves as Abbot of Holy Thorn Monastery at Ynys Wydryn, Glastonbury.

The King of Winter ended with Arthur winning the great battle at Lugg Vale . The throne of Mordred is secure, the southern British kingdoms are allies, and Arthur, although not a king, is their undisputed leader.

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