Pride of Carthage

Pride of Carthage

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“Durham vividly captures the frenzy of ancient warfare. . . . A cleverly structured, novel take - New York Times

“Masterfully. . . . First-rate historical fiction. Durham delivered some of the best battle scenes on the site from Michael Shaara`s Civil War novel. " - San Francisco Chronicle

" breathtaking. . . . A brilliant exploration of the tension between private destiny and historical power. " - The Christian Science Monitor

" Fascinating. . . . Skillfully use the knowledge of this distant time. . . . The author has speculated and invented perfectly “. - The Washington Post

“An extraordinary achievement: Durham brings flesh to the bones of Carthage like no other writer has since Flaubert wrote Salammbo “- Tom Holland, author of Rubicon: the last years of the Roman Republic

”. Pride of Carthage is the rare and wonderful: a historical novel that not only deeply evokes time and place, character and situation, but is also lyrically written and compellingly composed. I enjoyed each page as the story progressed, becoming more and more breathless. Durham broke the mold of the historical novel and created a masterpiece. "- Jeffrey Lent, author of In Autumn and Lost Nation

" Durham skips continents and centuries to tell the epic story of Hannibal and his march to Rome in this intoxicating and richly structured novel. . . . The novel`s breadth is balanced by intimate portraits of Hannibal, his family, his allies and his enemies. . . . Durham weaves numerous psychological, military and political details into this vivid account of one of the most fictionalized eras in history. "- Publishers Weekly (star review)

" Durham has reinvented this lost world in surprisingly precise detail and is known for his clear explanations of the giving and taking of aids military decision-making ...

From Publishers Weekly

for his novels on African-American life in the 19th century in America ( Gabriel`s Story , Walk Through Darkness ), Durham skips continents and centuries to the epic story of Hannibal and his March to Rome to tell in this heady, richly structured novel. After Hannibal takes command of the Carthaginian army in Spain and conquers the Roman city of Saguntum, Carthage refuses to accept Rome`s request to leave the city, triggering the Second Punic War. Hannibal begins in 218 BC Badly prepared for the frost, tormented by avalanches and harassed by Celtic tribes, the army arrives in Italy, perhaps reduced to 30,000. Against all odds, Hannibal leads his soldiers through the winding swamps of the Arno and captures and massacres a large Roman force on Lake Trasimeno and back to Canne. The novel`s great grit is balanced by the intimate portraits of Hannibal, his family, his allies and enemies, as well as the stories of two humble characters: Imco Vaca, a soldier, and Aradna, a follower of the camp, who meet and fall in love during the saga inexorably in the direction of a report of the beheading of Hannibal`s brother and the eventual defeat of Hannibal at the gates of Rome. Durham weaves numerous psychological, military and political details into this vivid account of one of the most romantic eras in history.

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