The Long Glasgow Kiss

The Long Glasgow Kiss

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Glasgow in 1950 - not a place you should choose if you weren`t born to it. But Lennox, a private investigator who finds odd sympathetic. Lennox is a man who stands in balance between the law and those who break it - a dangerous place where only the toughest and Rücksichtslosesten survive. Glasgow bookmaker and Greyhound breeder Jimmy `Small Change` MacFarlane runs one of Glasgow`s largest dog racing farms. It`s like MacFarlane with a bronze statue of Danny Boy, his best pilots, beaten to death, Lennox has a solid golden alibi - that he had spent the night with MacFarlane`s daughter. Lennox is quickly drawn into the hunt for MacFarlane`s killers, where he soon discovers that `Small Change` is far more interested than just a racing dog. Worse still, boss Willie Sneddon, a well-known of Glasgow`s Three Kings, is clearly involved and he`s not a man who wants to cross the Lennox. But somewhere out there in the shadows lurks a truly great player, an elusive villain who can look at the Magi like minnows. Lennox is the only man who can track him.

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