The Daughters of Mars

The Daughters of Mars

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From the acclaimed author of Schindler`s List , the epic and unforgettable story of two Australian sisters, both trained nurses whose lives have changed since the catastrophe of the First World War.

In 1915, two lively Australian sisters join the war effort as nurses, escape from their father`s farm and bring with them a guilty secret. Since they are used to taking care of the sick, nothing could have prepared them for what awaits them, first near Gallipoli, then on the western front.

However, Naomi and Sally become Durance amidst the massacre friends have never been home and find themselves brave in the face of extreme danger and hostility they face from some . There is also great courage, humor and compassion and the inspiring example of the extraordinary women they serve alongside. In France, where Naomi becomes a nurse in a hospital set up by the eccentric Lady Tarlton while Sally works in an accident assistance unit, everyone meets an extraordinary man: the kind of men to whom they could lose some of their precious independence - if only. survive.

The Daughters of Mars bring the First World War to a lively and concrete life from an unusual perspective. A fiery and deeply moving story that pays homage to men and women with exceptional moral resilience, even in the face of the intangible horrors of modern warfare.

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