Treasure of Khan

Treasure of Khan

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Black Wind continued Dirk Pitt`s meteoric career with one of Clive Cussler`s boldest and most acclaimed novels. But now Cussler is taking an extraordinary leap with one of his most famous villains of all time.

Genghis Khan - the greatest conqueror of all time, who at his height ruled an empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. His achievements are legendary, his tomb a forgotten mystery. Until now.

When Dirk Pitt nearly died while rescuing an oil exploration team from an unusual wave on Lake Baikal, Russia, it feels like a simple act of nature. When the recon team is hijacked and Pitt`s research ship nearly sank, however, it is clear that something more sinister is at stake. All trails lead to Mongolia and a mysterious tycoon who is hiding secret oil supply deals to the Chinese while wreaking havoc on global oil markets with secret technology. The Mongolian dreams of restoring the achievements of his ancestors and has a dark secret about Genghis Khan that could give him the wealth and power to make this dream come true.

From the cold From the lakes of Siberia Into the warm sands of the Gobi Desert, Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino find intrigue, adventure and danger as they collect clues about Xanadu`s mysterious treasure. But first they must save the tycoon from murder and a catastrophic natural disaster. Filled with breathtaking suspense and brilliant imagination, his new novel is further proof that Clive Cussler excels when it comes to writing adventures.

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