Raise the Titanic

Raise the Titanic

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The president`s secret task force is developing the ultimate defense weapon. At its core: Bizanio, a radioactive element so rare that it has never been found in sufficient quantities. But a frozen American corpse on a desolate Soviet mountain, a bizarre mining accident in Colorado, and a madman`s death message lead DRC PITT ~ to a secret hideout containing Byzanius. Now begins his most exciting and daunting mission: to lift the shipwreck of the century from its water grave!

In a daring undertaking, DIRK PITT finds the Titanic - and suddenly the its crew is the deadliest danger. Sabotaged by Russian spies and savage storms, Pitt must stop a diabolical plan for Soviet world domination or watch the mighty Titanic be blown out of existence!

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