Predator: Escape from Tarkov

Predator: Escape from Tarkov

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When it gets dark on the streets of Tarkov ... When ordinary people who yesterday were friendly neighbors kill each other for a can of food ... When everyday life turns into lawless chaos within an hour. .. Then it can A common cabin slave can suddenly transform into a ferocious and relentless predator who puts aside his keyboard in favor of a heavy rifle. There is no going back to his previous life. There is only one option left : become the biggest beast in this concrete jungle. Welcome to Tarkov ...

This book was inspired by the video game Escape from Tarkov and takes a closer look at one of the characters : a scav . It is not difficult to understand the metamorphosis of irreducible criminals, but how does an ordinary person, until yesterday an employee, become a scav? Will he be able to throw it all away and turn into a wild predator? It will, and surprisingly quickly. Fingers used to clicking the mouse can pull a trigger just as easily. Even looking for an enemy`s warm body is not a real problem, remorse won`t last long. But can such a predator keep some of its humanity? Will they still be capable of good deeds?

Let`s go to Tarkov and find out.

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