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Some of the stories in this new collection take place in Beerlight, the city of heroic criminals and evil cops that Steve Aylett introduced in Slaughtermatic. Others play in unique worlds, creations of Aylett`s distorted vision and sardonic humor. "If Armstrong Was Interesting" is a series of scenarios that imagine how the American hero could spice up his trip to the moon. In "Gigantic" corpses rain down from the sky in retaliation for the massacres of our century.

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Coffin Road

A man was washed up on a lonely beach on the island of Harris, in the Hebrides, barely alive and hypothermia limit. He has no idea who he is or how he got there. The only clue to his identity is a card with a lane called Coffin Road. He does not know where it will lead, but full of fear, fear and uncertainty knows that he must follow.

A detective crosses the rugged Atlantic sea to a ...

Dark Hollow

Private detective Charlie "Bird" Parker, who mourns the murder of his family, returns to Maine to seek refuge and is involved in the murders of a young mother and child, a crime that could be linked to the eventful history of Parker`s grandfather.



The Naoles came to earth as conquerors, while the last men crept among the ruins of their civilization. The two races, Human and Naoli, were the most powerful intelligences in the galaxy - and destined to be immediate and eternal enemies! Adult Hulann met boy Leo ... and they all became traitors to their race. Because only through betrayal could the future of every race be ensured!


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