Bridge of Birds

Bridge of Birds

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Against the exotic backdrop of China thirteen and a half centuries ago, a land full of magic, like Tolkien`s Middle-earth - two strange companions seeking the great root of Power. Number Ten Ox is a strong and eager, but rather naive, young farmer; Li Kao is a crafty old sage with a slight character flaw and a penchant for rice wine. Together they embark on a perilous quest to save the children of Ox`s village from poison death. The path they take leads them to a murderous matriarch, the cruelest duke in history, monsters visible and invisible, men more deadly than monsters, insidious labyrinths, ghosts whose motives are not incomprehensible, and who progressively plead realizing that before they can do their job they have to complete another: a. Solving the confusing puzzles that occurred a thousand years before their birth

fusion fantasy and folklore with the social history and customs of different eras of ancient China, the author created a rare and beautiful book that allows western readers to see the world through ancient eastern eyes. Bird Bridge is a feat of fiction and literary ingenuity that is funny, sad, shocking, suspenseful, and utterly irresistible. Sometimes one is immersed in it as in a warm sea formed by tears of laughter; other times the tears are heartache. Eventually, the reader will find a resolution that is both breathtaking and deeply moving.

No other book is quite like Bird`s Bridge. Unless the author takes the writing brush of the mouse sideburns again, it never will be.

Barry Hughart, who also has a slight flaw in his character, meditates in a cabin in the Arizona-Sonora desert. This is his first novel.

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