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A half hour flight from Miami, the hottest - and most dangerous - city in the world. From elegant gangster casinos in the Center to brothels in the back streets of Zanja Street, you can get everything you want for one fixed price. The city is the hub of many empires: the mafia, the CIA, numerous American corporations, El Presidente and even the deputy lords of Old Havana. It must be protected at all costs.

But now there is a threat. A young lawyer, a boy named Castro, gives speeches. He speaks of reform, of change, of self-determination. It even speaks of ... revolution.

This danger must be overcome. Thus, in the warm and sunny climate of corruption enter two men, both fearless, both experts, both hard as ball bearings. They would be friends in a healthy world because they are so similar in skills and experience. But now they must be enemies because the Cold War is at its peak: one is American, the other Russian.

The American is called Earl Swagger. Earl, a Medal of Honor winner on Iwo Jima, a diehard adventure shooter in Hot Springs and the Mississippi swamps, was betrayed by two young CIA boys to become our gun in Havana.

The Russian Speschnew, also a veteran of hard fights (from Spain `36 to Berlin` 45, with some stay in the Gulag only for seasoning), has a similar mission: he too is played by strategic players after eight of the same young speaker. But his job is protection, not elimination.

The task of the two men will not be easy. Because like in a greenhouse of orchids, spectacular specimens grow in the Havana climate: wise old gangster king Meyer Lansky, who runs casinos for his nervous New York sponsors; union killer Frankie Carbine, Frankie Horsekiller of the famous Times Square massacre ; the secret policeman named Ojos Bellos Beautiful Eyes for his penchant for questioning at the tip of a scalpel; the beautiful Filipina Jean-Marie Augustine, who knows a lot; and also those cheerful and cheerful young men of the CIA on the third floor of the embassy, behind whose baby blues and their delicate faces all sorts of cunning are hidden. And everyone wants something.

In Havana , Stephen Hunter produced a truly epic adventure story, interspersed with violence, eroticism and the pressure of big money and big politics, is set in a legendary time and legendary place. His hero Earl Swagger fights against his enemies, his superiors and his own temptations and ultimately has to decide what is worth killing for and what is worth dying for. He only knows one thing for sure: that he is a pawn in someone else`s game. But a farmer with a Colt Super.38 in his shoulder holster and the ability and willingness to use it quickly and well is truly an impressive man.

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