The Ocean Liner

The Ocean Liner

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As war devours Europe, 1,500 passengers risk everything to find a better future.

Cousins Masha and Rachel Morgenstern board the luxury ocean liner of the SS Manhattan for New York in a desperate attempt to escape the concentration camps who claimed the rest of his family. America offers a safe haven, but to reach it you must survive a perilous Atlantic crossing.

Among your traveling companions fleeing the war, each with their own conflicts, secrets and surprises, are the composer Igor Stravinsky, who dares to start over after a decade of tragedies, and Rose Kennedy, determined to save her four children from harm. Of particular concern to Rose is her daughter Rosemary, a lively but restless woman whose love for a Californian musician could undermine her family`s political ambitions. And then there`s young Thomas, a Nazi with a secret ...

But under the waves, Manhattan is being chased by a German submarine. Will any of those aboard the ocean liner ever fulfill the dream of a new life in America?

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