Graveyard of Memories

Graveyard of Memories

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What makes a killer legendary? For John Rain, it was the lessons of love, war and betrayal he learned in Tokyo in 1972.

Refreshed by the extermination camps of Southeast Asia, Rain works as Bagman under the gaze careful of his CIA leader handing money to corrupt elements of the Japanese government. But when a delivery goes horribly wrong, Rain finds himself in the crosshairs of Japan`s most powerful Yakuza clan. To survive, Rain makes a desperate deal with his boss: to take down a high-profile Japanese government target in exchange for the information he needs to take out his would-be executioners.

While Rain plays cat and mouse with the yakuza and fights to learn his new role as hitman. But the demands of his dark work contradict his heart`s desires - and with Sayaka`s life in balance, Rain must make a terrible decision.

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