Gorgeous East: A Novel

Gorgeous East: A Novel

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A complete story about love and redemption, honor and war, Robert Girardi`s Gorgeous East follows three French foreign legionaries with very different backgrounds, from the cliffs of Mont Saint-Michel to the old streets of Istanbul, from the noisy Parisian bars to the desolate Sahara. Gorgeous East takes us on an epic and unforgettable adventure to the table with the wonderful John Smith, a lost Brooklyn man they call the Handsome American Cowboy; Colonel de Noyer, the elderly statesman who is slowly going mad; and Captain Pinard, whose past is so horrible that he cannot find love outside the walls of the Legion. When a mission in the Sahara goes terribly wrong, a legionnaire must fight a renegade terrorist group and save his brothers in arms. In this magnificent return to form, Girardi displays his pure love of language and his keen sense of place to deliver a masterful novel about the hearts and minds of adventurers.

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