Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever

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one man - alone, lonely, outnumbered ... and there is no more time

The area - .. Los Angeles < p> The Time - the twenty-four hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Seasoned cop and former war hero Joe Leland finds himself in the midst of the most dire situation a police officer has ever dreamed of - an ongoing crime.

Stranded in a tall office building, outnumbered 12-1, the beefy ex-cop takes a life-and-death fight against fully armed terrorists while the life of 75 hostages - including his daughter and grandchildren hang in the fragile Libra

But Leland not only knows who the terrorists are and what cruel atrocities they are capable of, he is also the bloody ones. Aware of the LAPD`s destructive counter-terrorism plans.

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