Fate of the Free Lands

Fate of the Free Lands

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Trapped in the Empire, Captain Jules von Landfall must use every deadly trick and strategy she knows to avoid being captured by the Emperor`s legions and survive despite all the wizards` attempts to kill them. The only chance she can escape may be to fall back into the trap she narrowly escaped the first time. But even their freedom will not be enough. The life-devouring prophecy of Jules requires that he have an heir to continue his lineage. But how can she satisfy him while being hunted everywhere? And what could prophecy do if he doesn`t have a child? In the battle against wind, waves, relentless killer wizards and imperial ships, Jules must turn to an unlikely ally: the hated mechanics. He must gather men, women and ships from all new settlements to face off against the legionaries and imperial galleys. Because only Jules can lead the free people of the West in the final battle that could be their salvation - or the destruction of everything they fought for.

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