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What if the Pope is NOT Catholic? What if it never was? It is 1997, in a universe very similar to ours. But here the Pope died, and the conclave that elects the new head of the Catholic Church has elected someone who is not a cardinal - and not even a Catholic - and not even a man. Do God? Fraud at the College of Cardinals? What changes will it bring to the Church? And there are those who will never accept a woman as Pope ... how can you protect her from those who have sworn to kill her? Imagine being the Pope: do you let the priests get married? Family planning, divorce, orientation, church power ... reconciling the historical teachings of the church? This is Yarbro`s revolutionary book! Speculative science fiction; a modern political adventure; and a religious thriller that takes place behind the scenes of the Vatican. How do you deal with the responsibility that you have been given - whether or not you have asked for it.

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