Killing Time

Killing Time

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Meet Dr. Gideon Wolfe, an expert criminologist of the new millennium. As a professor at John Jay University in New York in 2023, he lives in an era marked by the plague, the global economic collapse and the murder of President Emily Forrester in 2018. In this tumultuous new world order, Wolfe`s life and all he knows are upset when the widow of a murdered special effects magician walks into his office.

The widow hands him a silver disc of her husband to safety, in the hope that her Wolfe`s experience in history and criminology forces him to track down her husband`s killers. The disc contains tapes of President Forrester`s assassination, the same video that has been shown countless times on television and on the Internet, with one crucial and shocking difference: this version shows that the video was altered with creepy special effects before being published / p>

This explosive discovery takes Gideon Wolfe on a thrilling journey from the criminal underworld of New York to the jungles of Africa and the search for truth in an age where all information is manipulated. With this novel, Carr boldly started a new genre - the future story - that combines the best elements of mystery and thriller with unique historical insights. Killing Time as the work of a master novelist unfolds in an incredibly exciting way.

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