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[img] https://flibusta.is/ib/60/494560/cover.jpeg [/ img] [br] A desolate country, impoverished by forty years of war, inhabited by wandering souls trying to rebuild their lives. Tritan, a former soldier haunted by the sins of his past, cannot shake the pain of war and anger burns deep in his veins. Although the war is over, the shadow of the missing tyrant Augustus still haunts him. The man who calls father. Rumors point to the dystopian frontiers of the north, where ancient magic attracts those seeking immortality. A price to pay for a depraved soul. Scattered and desperate, it is fear that drives the people of Harmion. Brutal feuds erupt among the survivors of this war-torn country. Here Tritan must face the greatest challenge of his life, because when his son falls ill, he must travel through the blood-soaked lands in search of Augustus, on a pilgrimage of vengeance and atonement, in search of the mysterious magic that could be lost. her dying man saves son. There is only one question that worries him. Can a warrior find redemption?

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