The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers

The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers

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Finally a Photoshop book written specifically for professional photographers and serious high-end amateurs that doesn`t talk about f-stops, exposures, and framing a shot (you already know all this - if you don`t) I`ll reluctantly say it, but it`s not for you ). This new book by Photoshop User Magazine editor and best-selling author Scott Kelby begins the moment your digital camera photos enter Photoshop and teaches you professional Photoshop techniques for managing, correcting, retouching and printing your own. photo to delight your customers socks and turn yourself into a Photoshop production assistant. This book is absolutely ideal for traditional photographers making the leap to digital photography, and Scott`s simple, step-by-step, straightforward English style makes even the most complex Photoshop techniques so easy and accessible. It`s the kind of book where you smile and think, "Ahhhh, that`s how they do it" and then immediately realize, "Hey, I can do this!" The entire book is graphically rich, in color from start to finish, and the best part is that it is packed with tutorials based on real projects that will walk you through the process of scaling your images to the correct resolution (and the secret to doing so. without sacrificing image quality) how to deal with high ISO noise, blue channel noise, and other common digital camera plagues; You will learn how professionals color correct their photos for output on everything from inkjet printers to printing presses, and the secrets to achieving perfect skin tones no matter where they are printed. You will learn the sharpening techniques used by today`s best digital photographers and learn how leading retouchers perform "digital plastic surgery" in Photoshop, as well as professional facial retouching with the amazing new tools in Photoshop 7.0. You`ll also learn how to manage your photos, digital dodge and burn tricks, tackle common problems, create presentations for clients in Photoshop and on the web, and expert advice on how to work faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. If you take digital photography and Photoshop seriously, this is the book you`ve been waiting for.

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