The Fall of Neverdark

The Fall of Neverdark

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Thirty years after the Echoes of Destiny changed the course of history, an ancient evil awakens again. Millennia in the dark have left these lost and forgotten monsters hungry for war, and the people of Illian can only rely on their peacekeepers, the Dragorns. But are the dragon riders ready for what was buried under their feet? Gideon Thorn, Master of the Dragon, can feel the Third Age coming to a disturbing end. Together with Inara Galfrey and her dragon, they must investigate the return of these forgotten monsters. Alijah Galfrey, Inara`s twin brother, has only one talent: getting into trouble. When he`s not drinking, the half-elf wastes his life looking for relics that no one cares about. Now it`s at the end of the story. Will he be able to take control of his own destiny or will he always be controlled by others? Something old was found in the depths of the mines of Vengora, and the dwarves of Dhenaheim would go to war with the north. After sixty years in the world of men, Doran Heavybelly must finally return to his homeland to find peace. When the gods go to war, mortals pay the price ...

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