Rasputin`s Daughter

Rasputin`s Daughter

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In an effort similar to his debut novel The Kitchen Boy, Alexander combines extensive research and poetic freedom and this time directs his enthusiasm to perhaps the most fascinating actor in the collapse of the Russian dynasty: Rasputin. This sensational account of the infamous mystic`s last week in the life takes place in Petrograd in December 1916 and is told by Rasputin`s fiery teenage daughter, Maria. The air in the new capital is filled with dangerous rumors, many about Maria`s father, whose close relationship with the monarchy - only he can stop the heir to the hemophilic throne - arouses murderous rage among members of the royal family. Maria is determined to protect her father`s life, but the more she goes about her business, the more she wonders: who is Rasputin anyway? He is the holy man whose real healing ability inspires a cult of reverent penitents, or the libidinal drinker who consumes 12 bottles of Madeira in a single night, the uninhibited animal who spies on them, "[the] housekeeper to her soft parts. who cling? "? Does this undisciplined behavior associate him with a forbidden sect that believes that sin overcomes sin? The combination of Alexander`s research and his rich characterizations results in a gripping historical novel that features a Rasputin who is neither an animal nor a saint, but simply a compelling human.

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