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Following the events in the spirit woods, Cha Ming and his friends make a complete recovery. But not everyone is the same, and more trouble is on the horizon. Guided by destiny, Cha Ming and Huxian face a sinister plot. In his penance, Feng Ming discovers a horrifying, devil-worshipping cult that will change the fate of the Song Kingdom. Meanwhile, Gong Lan struggles to find her way, her grief fueling an insatiable lust for power. Can she use this power wisely, or will she hurt her friends in the process? Facing the rising tide of darkness, Wang Jun fights the oracle’s apprentice, Zhou Li, in a battle of wits. The forces of evil are mobilizing, and the coming struggle will change our heroes immensely—for better or for worse. Note: This novel is an Eastern fantasy novel, which means it contains a lot of martial arts, Asian mythical creatures, and many references to Buddhism and Daoism. Cultivators fight to pursue immortality, fight demons and devils, and engage in ancient crafts like alchemy and weapon forging. If you`ve never tried an Eastern fantasy novel before, give it a try. You`ll like it!

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