Travel and Street Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Travel and Street Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

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Whether you`re traveling to Paris or San Francisco, Patagonia or Yosemite, you need a book that goes beyond the camera manual to teach you how to get great shots. This guide from professional photographer John Batdorff will help you learn the basics of travel and street photography and help you take amazing photos. Batdorff starts with the basics - composition, light and exposure - and how to plan and pack the right equipment for different shooting conditions. It also covers all major camera functions that affect your image. After capturing these shots, John will walk you step-by-step through an effective workflow in Lightroom to organize your images and develop your personal style. This guide is aimed at both beginners and advanced digital photographers to understand the basics and bring their own unique artistic expression to any situation, whether you`re shooting landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, or food and drink shots. Beautifully illustrated with large and compelling photos, this book shows you how to take control of your photography to get the image you want every time you pack your bags and take your camera with you.

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