First Among Sequels

First Among Sequels

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Fourteen years after Thursday Next docked at Superhoop `88, her legal fiction work has been downgraded due to a potential conflict of interest as her previous adventures are now self-printed. Thursday`s time is devoted to looking after her teenage son Friday and teaching new recruits. However, since it is fictional, the danger is never far away. Sherlock Holmes is killed at Rheinbach Falls and his series is interrupted. Before this can be fixed, Miss Marple dies in an inexplicable narrative car accident, which also brings her series to an end. On Thursday, receiving a clearly written self-directed death threat, she realizes what`s going on: A serial killer is happening in the world of books. Meanwhile, Goliath has perfected a 22-seat Prose Portal Luxury Coach and plans to take literary tourists on vacation to Jane Austen`s works. Only Thursday does she realize the true intent of Goliath`s unwanted intrusions into fiction, but she can`t fight all these battles alone. He has to team up with the one person he really doesn`t get along with: Thursday Next, currently featured in The Great Samuel Pepy Fiasco. But this is no time to be picky ...

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