Red Dog: A Frontier Novel

Red Dog: A Frontier Novel

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Coenraad de Buys was the most dangerous man in the Cape at the end of the 18th century. At eight he crossed his first border and left his mother`s home. left home (the first of many); left the cloak; Leave civilization. From the Langkloof Buys-Roves - a giant, a legend, polygamist and deceiver; the curse of the government, father of the chiefs and his Buysfolk.

His wild oats are sown everywhere; Renegades and criminals join his band of outcasts everywhere. He interprets between Xhosa and English, but speaks only in his own words. And everywhere in his travels there is always the pack of dogs and the red head without ears that leads Buys on his restless walk. In Buys`s footsteps, in his head, around the campfire, the creaking jaws snap. He was born in Langkloof. He died on the banks of the Limpopo. But Buys is not dead.

Red Dog is a novel about borders and borders. The original Afrikaans Buys was highly regarded in 2014. It has now been masterfully translated by Michiel Heyns.

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