Shattered Sky

Shattered Sky

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Only shadows can obliterate the sky Warrior clans face an enemy more dangerous than they have ever known. Darktail and his gang of villains have conquered ShadowClan territory. Worse still, many of the ShadowClan`s young warriors and apprentices have joined the bad guys, forcing Rowanstar and some loyal warriors to take refuge in the ThunderClan. Although the villains of Darktail pose a threat to all warrior cats, the bonds between the four bonds have begun to break. The RiverClan is badly injured, the WindClan has closed its borders and in DonnerClan the medicine cat Alderheart is more confident than ever that his only hope is to find the SkyClan. You must fulfill the Star Clan prophecy before Darktail`s evil reign puts an end to all clans.

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